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The arts of the table : «Service» à la française

The arts of the table have its secrets, is it easy to get lost? How to create an elegant, thematic table without being wrong?

True synonym of social position during the reign of Louis XIV at Versailles, the tableware was revived by one of the most enigmatic and controversial characters of the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries: Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord . The diplomat used the arts of the table to coax, fool or seduce his opponents. Today, the importance and interest of this art are always the same: Seduce your guests even before they taste your dishes.

In a lounge privatized for the occasion, you will learn to harmonize a table whether for a business dinner, a party meal or just for friends. Beyond floral decoration, you will learn that the layout of the table is essential, it indicates the degree of attention paid to the meal that will be served.

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A unique experience

The layout of the table indicates the degree of attention paid to the meal that will be served.

A unique experience


You will discover that the art of the table has always existed and was more or less important in past centuries. The meal was the best time to socialize, so it was important to feel good about it.


You will learn that in the Grand Siècle, France is a model of refinement. The culinary ceremonies are arranged according to a real ritual. Thus, the French Service inherited from the Middle Ages, becomes the European standard.


Creating a harmonious floral composition lies in the choice of varieties and qualities of flowers and their distribution. You will learn how to highlight this composition through the elements of plant decoration.

£WINK OF GREETS: The «  Service à la Française » is a real science that requires patience, harmony and precision. GREETS is very happy to be able to make you discover it.

DETAILS: Minimum age required 12 years - This price is valid up to 4 people. The program is available on request and subject to availability - This experience is valid within 12 months from the date of purchase.

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