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Interrogations ? Please find below our frequently asked questions. You can reach us by calling us on the following number +33(0)7.691.670.92

Interrogations ? Please find below our frequently asked questions.


1. What is GREETS history? What is GREETS ?
GREETS is the result of a silly idea from two epicureans and expedition fellow-lovers. What if you were allow to enter the hidden doors? What if we could do the unthinkable? Why shall we content ourselves with “classic” when we have backstage access?

GREETS has entered, from the greatest Houses to the most private ones detaining “the” French know-how, and guess what? GREETS met extraordinary persons! A warm welcoming, living up to our expectations! Those artists, stylists, designers and sports professionnals were awaiting us, eager to share. Eager to share their know-how, share their history, share their creations and above all... excited to meet new persons!

2. What are GREETS engagements ?
Today, our dream, our ambition is arising and we are able to give the key to exclusive so our customers can have the chance to discover Paris in an unexpected way!

Offer the greatest present thanks to GREETS: an intense experience to share with your relatives or to enjoy some quality time alone. 


1. What is the point in becoming a GREETS member?
Thus enables you to have priority access to our latest offers but it also gives you the right to scroll our entire catalogue. As a GREETS member, you will receive news regarding your passions. 

2. Can I share my advantages with friends and family?
Such as its offers, GREETS membership is exclusive, strictly nominative and untransferable.

3. For whom are GREETS offers intended?
Whether you are French or from elsewhere, our experiences are geared towards those who want to meet designers, athletes, artists, etc... This service is also destined to other companies and Businesses which concerns is to allow their teamworkers to enjoy our offers: commercial challenge, initiate relations with the medias, marketing animation. Several alternatives are doable. Leave your information on our website by clicking this link or call us at the following number: +33(0)7.691.670.92 ou +33(0) 

4. How to become member of the GREETS Club?
Being a GREETS member gives you the key to the ultimate access of our most “private and privileged” offers. Subscribe online and fill up the form on our “MEMBERSHIP” page or call us at the following number :  +33(0)7.691.670.92 ou +33(0) 

5. How can I contact a GREETS personal before subscribing ?
Leave your information on our website by clicking this link or call us at the following number: +33(0)7.691.670.92 ou +33(0) 

6. Can GREETS satisfy any request?
GREETS focusses its efforts to satisfy all members requests, even the most unusual. If yet the request is undoable, your GREETS personal suggests you other options to respond to your demand in the best ways.

7. What are the different universes GREETS covers ?
There are various universes to please our customers : Gastronomy & Arts of living, Fashion & jewellery, Well-being & fragrances, Sports & Passions, Art & Culture, Family & Kids, Special Week-ends.

8. Are the experiences only practicable in Paris ?
Our experiences are mainly based in Paris but some can be organised in other regions. 

9. Can GREETS manage last-minute demand ?
Insofar as possible, we do our utmost to statisfy our customers whishes.

10. What is the difference between a regular concierge service and GREETS Paris?
GREETS is an experiencial agency which enables its client to access the unaccessible. Our offers suggests a transport service, lunch or diner in a fine and groumet restaurant as well as an interpreter at your disposal if necessary.

11. Are GREETS services more costly?
No, on the contrary. GREETS gets you in touch with the most qualified providers and finds the best offers according to your requirements. GREETS constantly negociate prices to arrange weekly prerogatives.

12. On which criteria does GREETS choose its partnerships?
GREETS choice of partners is based on:
- its reputation and creativity,
- its proximity : merchants, regional artisans, 
- its reactivity : their responsiveness to rapidly fufil a need, 
- its know-how : we have tested and carefully chosed our partners for their specific skills, expertises and wisdom, 
- its value.

GREETS has the chance and the honor to be chosed in return. They trust us in terms of realibity to organise unique and sharing moment. We are looking forward to let you in this elite club!


1. What are the means of payment ?
By card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) or by wire transfert.


1. Is there a deadline for cancellation? 
Please read our General Terms of Use by clicking here.

2. What are the conditions to withdraw ?
Please read our General Terms of Use by clicking here.

3. What happens when the weather is compromising an experience?
Please read our General Terms of Use by clicking here.


1. Is GREETS on social networks ?
Yes, you can find GREETS on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. For more information, visit the “NEWS” section of our website by clicking here.

2. How to subscribe to our Newsletter to receive information on our latest collections and events? 
To receive GREETS newsletter, please fill the dedicated form by clicking here and specify the precise theme you are interested in.

3. How to contact us? 
You can reach us via our “CONTACT” page by clicking here or by calling us on the following number +33(0)7.691.670.92 ou +33(0)