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Le Paris Confidentiel


Everyone thinks they know Paris. Everyone thinks they have the last confidential address. And yet ...., Paris remains the most exciting capital to discover. And for good reason, every corner Paris hides a new wonder.

With the return of good weather, take part in exceptional visits proposed by "PERSONNEL GREETS". They will share their confidential addresses and their secrets to make you (re) discover the neighborhoods and iconic places of Paris. Whether on the Left Bank, Montmartre or New Athens, you will find your happiness.


paris confidentiel

Le Paris Confidentiel

« Nul ne peut dire qu'il connaît très bien Paris », Georges Duhamel. 

visite confidentielle paris rimbaud et verlaine
Literature and Passion 

Saint-Germain-des-Prés is one of the most famous areas of Paris because it is full of stories and anecdotes. GREETS invites you to dive into one of the most passionate love stories of French literature: that of Rimbaud and Verlaine. As you visit the 6th arrondissement, you will discover places still marked by their passion. You will soon understand that the history of French literature is never far from their love story. To know more here !

History, Photography and Street Art

Want to discover one of the most emblematic districts of Paris under a new angle? Montmartre is not only an eminently touristy place, it is full of unsuspected artistic power. Thanks to GREETS, you discover the Street Art that has invaded all the walls of the Butte. Accompanied by a professional photographer, you learn all the techniques to immortalize these colorful works in one of the most beautiful areas of the Capital. Go here for more details.

visite street art paris montmartre