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    New tenants have just moved in on the roof of the Juliana hotel in Cannes. We knew the beautiful Parisians, some installed on the roof of the Opéra Garnier, others, within the Elysées palace itself, but our heroines of the day are from Cannes. They arrived in their hives last spring, lovingly pampered by Didier, a caring beekeeper. They are the result of the meeting of two enthusiasts: Didier has always been a beekeeper, and Lisa is in love with her city, Cannes. From their love was born an idea: Cannes Honey, made from foraging from the flora present around the Croisette, Palm Beach and the hills of California. It’s an exceptional honey, a real star!
    We have the chance to let you enter their world during an unusual experience. Hold on tight, because this is an awesome moment. Didier invites you to go up to the roof and discover the world of these insects which is so important for our survival. Without them, no pollination, no flowers, no fruits, no legumes….
    80% of plants depend on bees for their fertilization, without bees, no more agriculture in short. And yet, they are disappearing...
    Alongside Didier, you will discover this world that is so important and so fragile: Did you know that all the eggs in a colony were basically identical? So why is there only one queen for so many workers? Do you want to know the queen's secret? Just a hint… The adage “you become what you eat” has never been so true…but for the answer, you will have to ask our beekeeper, he will also explain to you how the males are treated in these colonies, the difference between a bumblebee, a false drone, the function of each within the hives... so many questions...
    He will then invite you, equipped with a full and protective suit, to come into contact with them, to handle them, to extract a honeycombed frame, filled with honey, and to explore their interior in search of the queen. It’s an impressive moment because these beauties don’t like to be disturbed.
    Finally, we will invite you to recover from your emotions with a refreshment while tasting the coveted honey. An exceptional moment to experience alone, with friends or family. For more information or reservation:



    This unique tour guided by the moving and charming voice of Charlotte Gainsbourg, is an opportunity to discover another face of her father, the talented Serge Gainsbourg.

    This incredible and authentic house where medals, gold records, photos and musical instruments are exhibited in every corner, allows you to better understand the sobriety of the character and his sensitivity: a false provocateur immersed in culture. At the end of the journey, the bedroom, where Charlotte discovered March 2, 1991 her deceased father, remains the most powerful and moving moment of this visit.

    You will complete this journey (from 1928 to 1991) with a visit to the museum (admirably well located, 50 meters in front of the house) which presents valuable original documents and will finish at Gainsbarre in a very pleasant setting to sip a cocktail "the Gibson » or buy the jeans that Serge wore. A unique experience to live in Paris where you can only love the man!

    If this experience appeals to you, GREETS remains at your disposal to organize your visit.

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