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  • At the heart of an urban saffron


    The experience begins at the feet of a hotel school where girls and young men come and go with a decided step. After being welcomed by our expert, you are taken to the 5th and last floor of the building. You then discover a suspended agriculture: large bins in which are planted thousands of crocus sativus bulbs, the gold of our countryside, red caviar, flowers that will give this spice so rare and so expensive: saffron.

    And there, everything makes sense, so you understand why this building was chosen to grow this plant looks so fragile and actually so resistant, which gives it all the more charm. Not only does this crocus particularly appeal in town and in this location, sunshine, wind or watering, but the hotel school is the source of our chefs of tomorrow.

    The path is thus all traced, from the ground to the plate! During this unique experience, you will not only learn how this beautiful flower is grown, but also follow its path: planting, maintenance, then picking, pruning, drying, packaging and of course until the transformation into a product of consumption. The production of saffron in urban areas is brand new and booming, you will also be presented pretty projects of extension of saffron, but also what you can do with the plant, pistils and flowers.

    This experience evolves of course with the time between planting, maintenance and gathering. The latter has a very short period of less than 3 weeks, between October 20th and November 5th.

    So, book this exceptional moment where you can enjoy an extraordinary show: a violet plant carpet on the Parisian rooftops. It only happens once a year!

  • Week end in Versailles


    In order to prolong the benefits of the summer holidays, nothing better than to prepare a little weekend of exception. GREETS makes you enjoy the Indian summer and accompanies you for romantic getaways, gourmet, sports or unusual. In October, focus a few kilometers from Paris: live the castle life and spend an unforgettable time in the time of the Sun King. Start with a helicopter flight from Paris to arrive at the Palace of Versailles. Enjoy then these majestic interior and gardens. We recommend a bike ride and a boat trip if the weather permits.

    After this royal afternoon, enjoy a gourmet menu at Gordon Ramsay's Michelin-starred restaurant. The night at the Trianon Palace will completely forget your daily life and enjoy the day after Guerlain spa final bouquet. Here is an exceptional weekend signed GREETS you will remember and you will love the fall. To learn more about this unique experience contact us.

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