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Published on 09/20/2021

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From the moment you arrive, the experience is extraordinary. You enter the Opera through the artists' entrance and not the main entrance. And there is a maze of corridors available to you: elevators, steps, stairs. You discover the backstages of this Parisian institution, the hidden face of the public. You finally open a last door and come across the market garden crops that have been installed on four terraces of this unique place, over approximately 2,500 m2.  Salads, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, eggplants, peppers, basil, thyme, hop plants…: around a hundred varieties of early vegetables. These fruits, vegetables, flowers and aromatic herbs are pampered throughout the year by favoring agroecology with associations of crops and by not using any chemical fertilizers. 

It is one of the Market Gardeners, Creator of this magnificent project, who will guide you throughout the visit. He will guide you in the vegetable garden, explain what products to harvest but also give you culinary advice as well in associations of tastes, recipes and cooking methods. You will discover the 3 secrets of a good dish: a good product, a good cooking and a good sauce! 

As the vegetable garden harvests are intended for employees of the Opera, the market gardeners are fully attentive to their needs and astonishing vegetables can be found in the vegetable garden, especially old vegetables. A few restaurants in the neighborhood also benefit from the precious harvest. The visit then follows naturally to lunch in one of these restaurants. You will therefore sit at the table to taste the true taste of Paris in the convivial spirit of the Parisian bistro. A visit that nourishes the mind and body that will delight all audiences. 

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