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PITCH and RUN with Thomas LEVET

Enjoy a green day with a great Golf champion.

Passionate golfers, your handicap may be satisfying however, sometimes, your ball deviates from its trajectory and you lose points. Continuously seeking for solutions to be more accurate, testing divers techniques, as real Golf enthusiast you keep on trying to improve your swings. A true challenge ! 

Amateurs, professional, at first Golf lovers, have the privilege to enjoy a splendid moment with our French champion Thomas LEVET. Receive meticulous advice from our expert. He will therefore ignite your confidence on the golf course and share his exclusive PRO tips and tricks with a very relaxing and friendly pedagogy in order to settle a proper atmosphere to succeed great shoots.

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Golf is a matter of accuracy and is absolutely not a matter of strength.



To completely be relaxed and to profit from this unique experience, let us accompany you to a fabulous golf course (in Paris or elsewhere in France) of your choice. In the aftermath, your chauffeur will drive you back home.


GOLF_vignette.pngPLAY 9 OR 18 HOLES...

Throughout the whole day and according to your motivation, practice side by side with Thomas and warm-up for an hour with the champion. He will advise you on your imperfections and will help you improve your game. 9 holes (2h30) or 18 holes (4h30) are waiting for you to hit. Settings, adjustments, club selection, tactics, progress little by little throughout the course thanks to your coach.


GOLF_vignette_dejeuner.png... THE AFTER PLAY

While having lunch, brief on your game and appreciate this rightful moment with Thomas. Your approach of Golf will no longer be the same… in fact, your techniques have already changed.

WINK OF GREETS : Sunny days are to come ! From amateurs to professionals, each of you will find in Thomas a brand new energy to challenge. Enjoy this rare occasion to enjoy hitting the golf ball with a pro.

DETAILS : This program take place over a half day - Minimum age required 10 years-old – This program is available on demand and subject to availability. – This experience is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Possibility to call another French or international golf player accordingly to price range and availability.



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