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Sur les pas de Napoléon Bonaparte

In the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon, from General to Emperor

Malmaison reveals its estate, the château, its collections and the storie of its illustrious occupants. Benefit from a confidential tour offered by an official private guide who will discuss the dazzling journey of the young General Bonaparte, the heyday of the Consulate and the history of the Empire through the many works that appear there. You will also discover the taste and sophistication of the "Fashion Empress". Finally, you will be introduced to the art of living in Malmaison through the porcelain collections, imperial orders and diplomatic relations. You will thus have all the cards in hand to decipher the alliances, rivalries and descendants of the Beauharnais and Bonaparte families.

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Napoleon, du Général à l'Empereur


“You become the man in your uniform”, Napoleon Bonaparte.


Residence Privée Napoleon Bonaparte

An Imperial residence

Discover the private residence of Napoleon Bonaparte and Joséphine, an intimate place renowned for the beauty of its gardens and the rare species of plants that appear there. This "countryside" just 30 minutes from Paris remains a unique example of an elegant and refined consular style, where France's policy was decided and followed by working meetings, receptions, concerts, balls and country games.


Chambre Jospehine


You will have the opportunity to stroll in this sumptuous castle with a very particular history, from the veranda to the vestibule, to the music room or even to the majestic period library containing the hidden staircase allowing Bonaparte to reach his apartments. . You will discover the Emperor's daily life as well as the reconstruction of his death chamber through numerous collections devoted to Bonaparte and Josephine, such as the Empress's dresses and accessories or works and pieces relating to Napoleon's exile.

Le Jardin de Malmaison


You will end this visit under the sign of nature in the park of Malmaison which extends over more than 6 hectares. Joséphine was particularly fond of the English botanical gardens, many landscapers will be hired to acquire rare plants and exotic plants.  She will also have monuments such as the Temple of Love built there. The park is then a real botanical museum which reflects the passion of the Empress through the reintroduction of the plants she has known, the enhancement of the monuments and the landscape perspective that are preserved.

WINK OF GREETS : In exceptional conditions, you will be able to relive history and discover the life of Joséphine and Napoleon Bonaparte a little closer.

DETAILS : This program takes place over 2 hours - Minimum age required: 8 years old - Price for 2 people - The program is available on request and subject to availability.



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