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Published on 03/12/2020

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Paris is magical ! Does that remind you of anything? Even without being a fervent supporter, everyone knows this legendary catchphrase from the famous Parisian football club.

Today, we tested for you the immersive tour offered by PSG Experience and it makes you want to want. We sometimes find ourselves in the shoes of a player, sometimes a coach, a journalist or even that of a VIP spectator.

Arrival at the stadium is through the presidential entrance and the immersion begins with a photo on a green background with the star players. A bit of history with the presentation of a film on the 50th anniversary of Paris Saint-Germain in the history room and off we went for a trip to the country of soccer players. The sequence is without transition and the view is breathtaking when you discover the panorama of the stadium at its summit. One can easily imagine the crowd delirious on a match night, 48,000 people sing in unison, the olas waving on the stands and banners and the red and blue flags flutter in the wind.

We stay in the mood by accessing the press conference room, the famous sponsor wall in front of which the sacred monsters stand to answer the interviews and which we can see on TV after the games and finally, we access the Grail: the coveted lawn, voted the most beautiful lawn in Europe every year! We are at the edge of the field, where the coaches and replacements are placed and we can even sit in their seats which are, to our amazement,… heated! We continue the visit along the ground and we then access the backstages, gym, warm-up, physiotherapist, the players' locker room via a corridor presenting the shirts of Paris Saint-Germain since its creation in 1970: a journey into the time and in memories.
After this immersive visit, the adventure continues with a 400m2 virtual reality arcade room, located above the Paris Saint-Germain boutique opposite the stadium! There are 16 different activities, from the most classic (table football, basketball or pong) to the most high-tech (flight simulator over Paris in virtual reality). Enough to end this very complete experience in style.

The Parc des Princes opens its doors to you and reveals all its secrets.